BACKFIRE 2 RELEASE: When is Volume 2 out?

June 5th 2021.

Haven’t you heard? “BACKFIRE – TWENTY HANDS” or Backfire 2 releases on June 15th 2021!

This means, today is your perfect chance to catch up on the story and grab a copy of “BACKFIRE – IN SOLITUDE” so it can arrive in time before the second volume arrives!

What to expect from Twenty Hands?

“TWENTY HANDS” directly continues the story of Julien T. Crow and his fellow survivors where the first volume left off. Their world is gone and from now on, all of their lives’ focus lies on surviving the blazing hell on earth.

In this entry to the “BACKFIRE” series, the survivors will realize that action has to be taken into their own hands – no one will come and save them. However, they are still not alone in the city of Georgestone, even though not all of the others might have intentions as bright as the ones of the policemen Dave & Barry they formerly met. The actual fight for survival begins now.


Axton Carlsson (31yo)
former prisoner who … used the sudden change of wind

Reid Gates (24yo)
secretary of a local hospital

Helga Muller (21yo)
former prisoner and friend of Axton

Tanner Christ (33yo)
doctor at a local hospital


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