UPDATED VERSIONS: Backfire 1 & 2 Second Editions

The first two Backfire books have just received updated versions on Amazon. Find out more about what has changed below!

short preview excerpt of updated versions of chapter 15

What is new in the updated versions?

In the English versions of “In Solitude” and “Twenty Hands” there isn’t really anything new except for some minor details – but that doesn’t mean, the new editions aren’t worth it for English readers. You will find out more below. The German version of “In Solitude”, however, features a whole rework of the prologue. When “In Solitude” was first translated into English, I tried to make the prologue more appealing, especially to international readers. This lead to the English version having slightly more details and better language. Up until now, I never added these enhancements to the German one. In the new, updated versions, the prologue reads much better!

What has changed?

The reason why these updated versions deserve a second look is the updated layout. Both “In Solitude” and “Twenty Hands” in English AND German have received criticism due to unconventional formatting and disturbed readability. This has now been improved massively. Underneath the many form changes, all updated versions now have more space between the lines and a bigger span to the middle and the upper and lower rims. The pagination has also been updated. Additionally, the both the front and back covers have received some minor enhancements.


The updated printed and kindle versions of “Backfire: In Solitude” and “Backfire: Twenty Hands” by Jeff H. Malum are now available on any international Amazon market in both English and German language!


Also: Don’t forget about the upcoming release of “Backfire: Voices of Violence” in just a couple of weeks! It releases as the first part of the Backfire Anthology. The German version is already open for pre-orders with the international versions to follow shortly in early September!

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