The YouTube channel “Jeff H. Malum” is now online! Below you will find the link as well as what to expect.

YouTube channel header

What to expect?

The YouTube channel will act as a supporting medium to this blog. That means, it will provide all media that cannot be included in a blog post, i.e. voice and video. The current plan, however, is not to have it work as a 1:1 supportive media, so the news provided on this blog will not receive an extra news video on the YouTube channel. If you are interested in all news concerning my works, you should stick to the blog and use the videos on YouTube as extra material, such as:

  • trailers / teasers for books and perhaps other future media
  • Q&A videos and / or livestreams
  • behind the scenes material
  • audio books
  • […]

When to expect?

Content for the YouTube channel is currently still in development. For definitely noticing when something goes online, make sure to subscribe* to the channel and activate the bell to receive e-mail notifications whenever a video arrives. Currently, content is expected to first arrive sometime around the release of “BACKFIRE – TWENTY HANDS”, which is June 15th 2021.

*subscribing is 100% free of charge

Click HERE to visit the YouTube channel!
Also make sure to check out the Instagram account!

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