My first whole year as an author is over: 2021 has been a ride of ups and downs – privately, health-wise as well as as an author. However, it’s far from over! My career as an author has just began and 2022 is my perfect chance to present you some more.

What is a “Roadmap”?

With the start of 2022 I want to introduce “Jeff H. Malum Roadmaps”, that is so to say a “Season of Jeff H. Malum”. How exactly that is supposed to look like? Well, we’ll see. It’s supposed to be some tiny teaser for all of you with some mysteries and secrets and also some news. But first of all, it’s an overview of what to come. For this year, I’m still experimenting a little. So let me briefly present my ideas for the Roadmap of 2022.

New YouTube-Videos!

Of course my YouTube-Channel has just begun as well. In 2021, new formats introduced were book reviews, my “Being An Author” Podcast, but also the “The Reader Today” interview-based podcast. Apart from that and next to a couple of news and introduction videos, my big lecture series called “British Literary Analysis” (that is, analyzing British literature from the Old English Period until our post-modern days) started with 4 episodes.

These formats will continue to exist in 2022. There will be new lectures, podcasts, reviews and update videos, but also completely new ones as well! I don’t want to give away too much already, but I will definitely put my head through a lot of brainstorming to keep everyone hooked, starting with a challenge-based videos in early January and going forth with new podcasts, new cooperations and also ranking lists.

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Backfire is back in 2022!

Everything started with Backfire for me. While two major releases, one extra novel and one extra short story have already released and thus concluded the first season, Backfire has also just begun.

2022 will start off with a Season One Compendium of Backfire. This hardcover variant of the first three books will be an entry point to a more academically based reading as it includes both the German original as well as the English translation and also a huge register with tons of notes on characters, chapters, interpretations and more behind the scenes information. If you are not interested in this kind of approach but want to start reading Backfire, make sure to buy the paperback single volumes!

In mid 2022 the second season of Backfire will start. There will be more news in time, but what I want to give away already is the names of the first two entries to Season Two releasing both in 2022: #3 Civilian & #4 Hypoxia. What do those names mean? Well, you’ll see. It’s your turn to create theories and interpretations of the names on your own now!

Jill Faythe arrives!

With the release of “Hellraise” (or: Jill Faythe in Operation Hellraise) my very first standalone non-Backfire novel will release in early 2022. There will be more news about this very soon, so I will refrain from teasing too much right now.

What you can expect from Jill Faythe is an agents story set in and around the 70s. It’s a re-interpretive look on Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels and you will definitely see that – but maybe it can surprise you with a couple of new twists and modern ideas. Let’s find out soon!

Another novel coming in 2022?

Of course the roadmap won’t end without a tiny little surprise for you all.

There is something else right in front of the door. Next to Jill Faythe and Backfire, another completely new standalone novel will release in Q4 2022. What is it going to be? When exactly will it arrive? When will there be more news?

I really need you all to be patient now. 2022 has just begun and wouldn’t it be less fun if I gave away every little detail at the start already? You will definitely have to stay tuned over the course of the year!

Thank you all for reading and listening. After the exciting year 2021 I am heavily curious about how 2022 will turn out! Maybe we can have a talk about that in … let’s say another year?

Read you all soon and bye bye!

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