SURPRISE RELEASE: Backfire Extra #1 out soon!

As part of a competition, Backfire Extra #1 “Voices of Violence” will release very soon!

[Update 8/24] “Backfire Extra 1: Voices of Violence” is out now in German and will release in English this fall.

What is Backfire?

Backfire is a postapocalyptic survival story focussing on a group of young graduates hiding from the undead and trying to endure the situation until help is in sight. The main characters of the main entries to the franchise (currently already released: In Solitude, Twenty Hands) are Julien T. Crow and his fellow friends. At this exact moment, they are still fighting their way through the port city of Georgestone, looking for help and shelter. On their way, they have met several other survivors. Some stayed, some didn’t. Some survived, some didn’t. And this is where the Anthology starts playing a role!

What is an Extra-Volume?

The Backfire Extra-Volumes – or, more frequently referred to as the Backfire Anthology – is a series of unconnected stories throwing light on other perspectives away from Julien’s group of survivors. These might be completely unrelated to the main events, or instead be very connected. For example, one entry to the Anthology might show a different time at a different country, or the outbreak relived by others on another part of the world. It might also focus on characters, Julien or the others met during their journey but they didn’t stick together. Alternatively, it might even reveal the prestory of a certain character, before they met Julien or even before the apocalypse.

What is “Voices of Violence”?

Backfire Extra #1, called Voices of Violence is the first entry to the Backfire Anthology. Unlike the main entries, it does not follow Julien T. Crow or any of his fellow survivors. Instead, it sheds more light on a character, they have met on the first day of the apocalypse: Dave.

He is a local policeman and part of the Georgestone Security Group, more specifically of Team Sierra – a team responsible for large-scale evacuations. At Day One, Dave and two other policemen met Julien’s group of graduates and tried to evacuate them to one of the few safe zones around Kingsland, however, they got seperated. Dave is not dead though and his mission is not over, especially when another complication arises.

In Voices of Violence, you will be able to learn more about both Dave’s life before the apocalypse, as well as the paths he took after seperating from the main characters.

When will “Voices of Violence” release?

Voices of Violence¬†will release as part of a storytellers’ competition in summer 2021. Though originally planned for a December 2021 release, lots of hard work and effort has been put into preponing the release to¬†August 2021. At the current point in time and due to some regulations and complications with the competition’s rules, The most precise statement that can currently be made is that it will be released within the last ten days of August in German, and some time in September in English.

Due to the competition’s rules, there needs to be some time between the German and English releases, unlike with any other Backfire release so far and in the future. Please make sure to follow the Instagram Channel to receive the latest news on the exact release date of Backfire Extra #1! Pre-Orders for the English version will start in September. The German version can already be pre-ordered now: Click here!


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