Who is
Jeff H. Malum?

➔ an author working under a pseudonym with the vision of combining core qualities of fiction and writing
    from different times and states of the world

Hello everyone! My name is Jeff Horatio Malum – and no, this is not my civil name.

In 1997, I was born in Germany where I grew up and went to school. Afterwards, I studied biotechnology in university and later teaching degree for secondary schools with profession on the German and English languages. Ever since I was a kid I spent most of my spare time writing – not only books, however. I started writing down ideas for video games and short stories when I was 8, then took a break until motivation rekindled in 2010, when I started the draft that later became the first book, I ever published: Backfire – In Solitude. I was never a big fan of stand-alone start-to-finish stories, so it took about 10 years to finish the first book, as I wanted to build up everything around it, before finishing it. That means, I prepared the story outline for all upcoming sequels, created a whole new fictional country, including flags, history and politics. Then I started learning about survival, weapons, microbiology and anything that could help me let the construct become a whole until eventually, I could finish writing my first draft and publish it. Now, I fully focus on writing down what I have prepared over a decade.

Next to Backfire and all the other books and drafts I have created, I also write video game design documents, pen & paper scenarios and rule books. I also create content on YouTube that is mainly based on podcasts and gaming content.

Apart from media, there is three major passions I have:

  • outdoor sports (beach volleyball, biking, swimming, bouldering, …)
  • cooking vegan food
  • Japan!
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