June 7th 2021.

Now that the release of “BACKFIRE – TWENTY HANDS” is just around the corner (find out more: HERE) you might wonder: What about the future? As stated before in a post about Backfire’s release schedule there will another book release after each season. At the start of publishing my books, these will be parts of the Backfire Anthology, i.e. stories within the Backfire universe that are not focussing on Julien’s group but other survivors instead – maybe nearby, maybe far away in a different country, on a different continent.

What is next for Backfire?

Today, I want to officially announce, where exactly Backfire is going after the first season, which ends with the release of “BACKFIRE – TWENTY HANDS”.

In the first volume “BACKFIRE – IN SOLITUDE” Julien and his fellow survivors encountered a group of Georgestone policemen, who were trying to evacuate them, however, in the end they failed and got seperated. People have already been wondering – as you will see in the Q&A section of “BACKFIRE – TWENTY HANDS” once it releases – where the surviving two policemen Dave & Barry went and whether or not they are still alive. This question will be answered in the first anthology book, called “BACKFIRE – VOICES OF VIOLENCE”, which will have the official tag “Extra 1”, thus introducing the system of the anthology without causing confusion for those in the audience, who are not regularly reading this blog.

Who will tell the first Backfire Anthology volume?

The first anthology entry will be told from the perspective of young policeman Dave Davidson and will start directly where he got seperated from Julien’s group. It will, however, also explore Dave’s past and will also throw some light on Dave’s colleagues and friends and at least two others that are part of Dave’s mission.

“BACKFIRE – VOICES OF VIOLENCE” will release in Q4 2021.


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