AN AUTHOR’S PODCAST: Being an Author

The first episode of my “Being an Author” author’s podcast just went online on YouTube!

Why the podcast?

…is also the title of Episode #1 and explains how I, Jeff H. Malum, have come to be an author. Have you ever wondered, what keeps an author going? What his backgrounds and his motivations are? You can find out all of that here.

Being an author is not always easy, especially when you’re right at the start and no one knows your name, your works, your anything. Without a publisher and lots of ressources to start big advertisement campagins, it’s even worse – but this is where I am standing and I am proud of it. I am very proud of how far I have come – I self-published two short novels and have already finished more to come, while constantly working on large-scale novels as well. I really hope that one day, I can say of myself that I have written a story for anybody! Until then, however, lots of time and energy is needed. So every way of your support will be handled very grateful.

When are new episodes of the author’s podcast out?

Now, I’d suggest you go over to the YouTube channel and find out more about where I stand! There will be more episodes coming within the next month, even though currently no plan exists on a specific frequency. However, I am planning to release one new video each Tuesday at around 2pm UTC.

Click here to find my YouTube channel!

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