June 23rd.

Backfire isn’t everything there is in my library, even though currently nothing else has been published. Let’s find out more about what to come in this Jeff H. Malum preview!

What is about to come?

When you think of “Jeff H. Malum” and know any of my works, you probably think about Backfire and of course you do! At this point in time, I have not yet released anything else but two volumes of said series with the third one already getting ready to launch later this year. Backfire has a special meaning to me and it will be ongoing for quite some more time, so I do not mind always getting connected to that – however, that’s not all there is to my texts. Especially not in the future. Today, I want to grab your attention and throw it onto some previews on what to expect within the next couple of years. Trust me: There is something for anybody and I’m sure, you can also make great use of another big advantage you, as a reader, have with my books! But let’s start with some sneek peaks. Please note that everything in the preview below is working titles, so some names may change over time.

Lost in Disarray

What is an author without having written at least one large-scale high fantasy novel? Well … actually a lot. There are tons of gorgeous authors out there who have never written one and that’s perfectly fine. Me, on the other hand, I could not imagine not having written at least one of these, since I’ve got so many ideas for that genre! Lost in Disarray (WIP) is a medieval novel that aims to – in contrast to Backfire – be what we in Germany would call a “Wälzer” (you English speakers would probably say “doorstop(per)” instead). The story, set in a newly defined high fantasy world focusses on four protagonists leaving their duties as mercenaries behind to fulfill a task of quite another scale. Alongside a dark and darker plot, critical socio-cultural topics of the real world, such as race and gender, will surely play a role but can also be “overread” if readers wish to just follow the story without any political involvement at all. I don’t want to spoil too much yet, but if you’re a fan of “The Lord of the Rings” or “Game of Thrones”, or just of video games, such as the “Divinity” or “The Elder Scrolls” universes, you will most definitely enjoy this very new world!

Jill Faythe

Now, everything you’ve heard before is in some regard connected to heavy marks of fiction and fantasy, may it be medieval magic or post-apocylptic survival. Jill Faythe (WIP) on the other hand is different. It is set in a close-to-modern world in the late 20th century and follows young special agent Jill Faythe on her stealthy to not-so-stealthy assigments by the Kingslandian Secret Service. Sounds like “James Bond” to you? Well, you’re not too far off. Jill Faythe (WIP) could indeed be considered a fresh reinterpretation of the double-0 legend, however, with lots of twists to it, focussing on a female protagonist and adding lots and lots of parody. Get excited! This one might surprise you.

The Couple of Harum Creek

Have I ever stressed how much I love 60s, 70s and 80s slasher horror movies? I haven’t?! Trust me, after reading The Couple of Harum Creek (WIP), you surely will notice that! This standalone book is set in a small city in northwestern Vermont, where young Lyanne Paramour moves as part of a student exchange programm. She only then discovers an old suburban legend of still unsolved serial killings … but who knows, how she “discovers” it? We will find out, maybe in a later preview.

Are there more books to come?

Of course there is more! However, that should suffice for now with details on what might still be far away. I still have tons of other concepts in the back of my head and the middle pages of my notebooks, but they are still only concepts and not yet ready to be shared. I am not even sure yet, if all of them will be finished or not. But the space one surely will.

What other big advantage do language learners have?

I always write all of my books in both English and German. You’re a language learner, who’s interested in learning German as an English speaking person or the other way around? Then this is your perfect chance: Read both versions side by side and you will profit from it! Hopefully you found something interesting in the preview above.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to use either the comment section below or the contact area of this blog! Stay tuned and read you all soon.

P.S.: To all my Backfire readers, who also watched the German Pen & Paper series years ago – yes, the Jonathan Lake (WIP) pre-apocalyptic drama novel is still in the works. Since it is so different, however, it will need some more time. Please wait patiently for an additional preview on that. Thank you all!

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